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Waterbury City Directories

City directories contain useful information for professional and amateur genealogists, researchers and anyone interested in local history. The Silas Bronson Library has a collection of Waterbury City Directories beginning with the years 1868-69. The earliest editions sometimes include lists of births, deaths and marriages. Family household members and occupations may also appear.

If you use these files please be aware that occasionally pages are missing. Also, we hope that you’ll forgive us for the less than perfect appearance of the pages. The information is always readable. More editions may be added so check back from time to time.

It is possible for the library to make these directories available online because all works published before January 1, 1923 are now in the public domain.

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City Directories Online

Year 1868-69 
Year 1869
Year 1871
 Year 1872
 Year 1874
 Year 1875-76
 Year 1876
 Year 1877
Year 1881