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Borrowing Questions

How do I get a library card?
Patrons wishing to receive a library card must apply at the Library's Circulation Desk at the main library or at the Bunker Hill Branch. Adults must present photographic identification showing proof of residency (a driver's license with present Waterbury address, or two other forms of ID with a Waterbury address such as a utility bill, rent receipt, voter registration card, hospital card, or other official document) and a completed library registration form. The form can be filled out in advance online (be sure to include your phone number if you apply online; we will call you when your card is ready to pick up).

Residents under the age of 18 who wish to obtain a library card are required to have a parent or legal guardian present who has the above required identification. A card is available to any Waterbury resident.

Do I always need my library card to check out items or to go onto the computer system?
Yes. We do not look up the card number if you forget your card. Cards are for use by the person they were issued to only. Lending your card or giving out your card number may lead to your privileges being suspended. Cards not belonging to the person trying to use them may be confiscated. The person the card was issued to must bring in a photo ID to retrieve the card from the Circulation Department. No account information is accessed without a photo ID for the person whose card it is (or the parent or legal guardian for any minor child's account). 

Can I get a library card if I do not live in Waterbury?
It is not necessary to get a Silas Bronson Library card if you do not live in Waterbury. Any library card issued by a public library in Connecticut can be used to borrow material at any other public library, including the Silas Bronson Library. 

How old does my child have to be to get a library card of his or her own?
Library cards are available for children of any age. The child must be present with the parent or legal guardian. To obtain a library card, the parent or legal guardian must have the required form of ID for obtaining a library card listed above.

How long is my library card valid?
When first issued, your library card is valid for one year. It's renewed every three years thereafter.

How do I renew my library card?
Library cards can be renewed in person at the main library or the Bunker Hill Branch with identification showing a current city of Waterbury address.

Can I return my books after the Library closes?
Night drops are available at the Main Library and the Bunker Hill Branch.

Can I renew my material without coming in?
Most library material will renew automatically if it is eligible for renewal. You may also renew library materials from outside the library by calling the Main Library Circulation Department at (203) 574-8206 or the Bunker Hill Branch (203) 574-8240 during regular hours and ask a staff member to assist you. You may also renew library materials yourself by logging into your online account or via the Acorn catalog app.  Videos, DVDs, 14 Day Books, video games and reserved materials cannot be renewed.

Will I be notified regarding the books I requested?
You will be notified by phone or e-mail when your requested material is available. Note: your library account must have your current phone number or e-mail. Text messaging is also available. 

Can I return borrowed items to any Silas Bronson Library location?
Yes, the main library is located at 267 Grand Street and the branch is located at 192 Bunker Hill Avenue.

How Long Can I Keep an Item Out?
You may borrow fiction books, non-fiction books, biographies, large print books, foreign language books, audiobooks, DVDs, videocassettes, compact discs and other kinds of materials. There is no limit to the amount of fiction books you can check out. Non-fiction books are limited to five (5) per subject. Books on tape, books on CDs and music CDs are limited to five (5) at one time. Most items can be checked out for 21 days; however, there are some exceptions:

21 days - Most items including fiction, non-fiction, audiobooks and music CDs. May be renewed once.
14 days - New adult fiction and non-fiction and magazines. No renewals.  The latest editions of magazines are available but do not circulate.
7 days - DVDs, videocassettes and video games. No renewals. PlayStation 2 disks and Nintendo DS cartridges are limited to one per adult card at a time.
Non-Circulating Materials - Newspapers, microfilm, government documents, genealogy materials and reference materials are available but do not circulate.

How do I reserve a book?
You can reserve any item that is not on the shelf by asking a librarian for assistance (you will need your library card number). Alternately, you may reserve items not on the shelf by placing a hold on it when you are logged into your account in the library's catalog. 

How do I Print or Copy?
To print or copy you need to put money on your library card. Bring your money and card up to the circulation desk to have the value added to your card. Any money not used remains on the card. Each page costs 15¢ for black & white printing. Color printing is available from a designated computer and costs 50¢ per page. The money is stored on your library card; if the card is lost, any print money is lost as well.

How Much Are Fines?

Overdue Charges (per item per day)
$.20 most materials
$1.00 DVDs, videocassettes, video games

Lost Library Card Fees
$3.00 adult cards
$1.50 children's cards