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New Library Card Design

Who's ready for a new library card? Whether you've been wishing we had a key tag card, or you just love the new logo, this is for you!

Our library cards feature their first new design in decades, and a key tag card is included with every card.

If you already have a library card, there is replacement fee of $3 for adults and $1.50 for children's cards.You will also need to bring a photo ID to get a new card.

If you don't have a library card, getting one is free, but you will need both a photo ID and proof of address.

For more information about getting a library card, visit bronsonlibrary.org/cardID

October 3, 2018


New Logo Selected

The library's Board of Agents has selected a new logo for the library, the first such update in decades. The logo design was inspired by our iconic Sperm Whale sculpture, created by Jerome Stein, which has stood outside the library for 35 years. The logo is almost circular in nature to represent the rings the mobile is made of. More importantly, it is a representation of the relationship between the community and the library. The end of the tail is representative of a book, to symbolize a library.


July 3, 2018