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The Children's Room at Home

Just For Fun

Virtual Tours

  • PBS Kids Games - Fun 
  • Name that Candy Bar - Think you know your candies out of their wrappers? Rise to the challenge of picking out your favorites here.
  • Fun Brain - games and challenges
  • Minecraft - The official site for Minecraft. Login required
  • Roblox - Popular game site for the enjoyment for children of all ages
  • Disney Virtual Rides - Missing Disney's exciting rides? Too scared to ride Tower of Terror? Missed the chance to go down Splash Mountain? Never fear, visit Disney from the comfort of your very own home.
  • Boston Children's Museum - Enjoy the "walk" through three floors of this museum. There's exhibits for all, and there's something for every one.
  • Ellis Island - "Give me your tired, your poor, the huddled masses..." - Emma Lazarus.  "Visit" the first place so many immigrants saw from the ships that carried them from all over the world. 

                  Creative Creations

    Learn to Code:
    Programming Tools For Kids

  • Make Beliefs Comix
  •  Wild Kingdom

  • Code Monster for Kids
  • Google Code
  • Code.org
  • Khan Academy